Sabah Parks – Mount Kinabalu

A few years back I did a round trip in Asia. And ended up in Sabah Parks – Mount Kinabalu after a few weeks in big cities like Brisbane, Singapore. On the way up to the park I ended up in a tourist buss that was driven by a cousin to Michael Schumacher. On these small mountain roads. Two cars wide. He raced everything he could see. Grannies, other busses, airplanes (felt like it). 🙂

Said to myself that “If I would survive this. Every day after this is a bonus”.
Traveled with a group from england that I got to know on the way. We did not get a room on top of the mountain. So our option was to do a climb in 24 hours. But to be able to do this. We had to get a special permission that we did not get right away. So we spend a night at their hostel. With bunk beds.

That night at the hostel was one of nights where I found on of those perfect nights. It was something about the surrounding wilderness. The sound of birds, winds in the trees. That night I had a dream that I was tarzan. Looking for my Jane.

The following day we got the permission to climb the mountain in a day. Also got a guide to follow us. Make sure that we are ok. The whole mountain had hand made steps that took us all the way to the top. The feeling could be compared to spend a day at stairmaster at the steps. Where all the steps were unique. So the legs really had to work.

On the way wearing high tech boots and clothes etc. I got quite humble. It was a old granny that passed us 4 times that day on the way up and down. Her job was to carry thing to the restaurant on top of the mountain. She must have
had 50kg. On her back with just a wide piece of cloth holding everything with her head. 🙂

Going back to experience the people, nature and mountain is definitely on my bucket list.

Mount Kinabalu |

Empire State Building

If you ever end up in New York not knowing what to do. A trip to Empire State Building is highly recommended. Just to see this powerful building that has been the background of so many movies, stories, music is one thing that has to be checked on the bucket list. Take the chance to have a walk on the fifth avenue on your way to the Empire State Building. So you feel like a new yorker for a moment. See the New York police cars pass by. Limousines that is so long so just making a right or left hand turn is just as magic as a episode of Star Trek.

On top of Empire state building it truly feels like you are on top of the world. So what are you waiting for? Head there and see with your own eyes.

The Empire State Building |