A sign found outside a Swedish Kindergarden in Skara

Some signs do get your imagination started. This sign I found outside a Kindergarden in Skara.

The Sign says
It is forbidden to
walk on the roof”

It does make the imagination start spinning. Before the sign was there, did they really have kids walking up to the gate saying to their mom and dad. “May I climb the roof?. How cool… 🙂

Stay safe wherever in the world you are… /JD

Lost Camel Resort

Sometimes when I let my mind drift. I often think back on my last trip in Austrlia. For those of you who has not been there. It is like Sweden. But whith the major difference that the sun always shines.

When it comes to the hotel I think it is wounderful that they had focused on the basics.
A wounderful king size bed. A radio and the rest of the room did not have that much high tech gadgets.
It just felt that it had a lot of love.

The feeling of beeing in the pool. In a hotel where noone did got back to watch tv. Created a atmosfere where basicly everyone talked to everyone was.. Nice.. Back to the feeling in the pool with a glass of champange watching the sunset go down. Finding peace of mind.