Lost Camel Resort

Sometimes when I let my mind drift. I often think back on my last trip in Austrlia. For those of you who has not been there. It is like Sweden. But whith the major difference that the sun always shines.

When it comes to the hotel I think it is wounderful that they had focused on the basics.
A wounderful king size bed. A radio and the rest of the room did not have that much high tech gadgets.
It just felt that it had a lot of love.

The feeling of beeing in the pool. In a hotel where noone did got back to watch tv. Created a atmosfere where basicly everyone talked to everyone was.. Nice.. Back to the feeling in the pool with a glass of champange watching the sunset go down. Finding peace of mind.

The Sounds of Silence Dinner

“The romance of the desert, the setting of the sun behind the domes of Kata Tjuta (The Olgas), the haunting of a didgeridoo, a sumptunous Northern Territory Buffet fest of baramundi, kangaroo, emu, crocodile and bush salads – and some of the world´s finest star gazing: this is the best of the Red Centre distilled into four magical hours.


Just as the website. It was truly a could of magical hours.
Everything started with a buss ride out in to the middle of nowhere.
There whey had put like a fine dining restaurant with a sky filled with lights as a roof. No lights could be seen from any city. So the feeling of being surrounded with stars was magic.

The food had really been made with a lot of love. And it was really being like getting a taist of australian nature and food at the same time.

Spirit of all the people who where at the event was at the highest. And finding people to talk to about everything and nothing was not hard at all. After a while there was a person who took out a powerful spotlights. And while you were still eating she told stories about the stars that was just above us.

Everytime I think if this night I smile. So that is why I hope more people can take the trip and experience The Sounds of Silence dinner. Moments and places where you can listen to your own hearth beat is magic.