Pizzeria Bolltorps Hörna in Alingsås

A Large Samis kebab at Bolltorps Hörna in Alingsås. Just north of Gothenburg.
A double “Sami Kebab” in Pita bread from Pizzeria Bolltorps Hörna in Alingsås.

A few weeks ago I was on my way up to a friend that lives just a little north of Alingsås I promised to bring something to eat. Whenever I get the chance I try to drop by a little pizzeria not that far away the shoppingcenter Bolltorp. I have been going there for a couple of years so do know the owner a little.

This day we started chatting as usual and I told him me and a friend were a little hungry. His portions is not small at all but just as a joke I asked if he could make a “Sami Kebab” from the menu a double? haha..

But he sure did.. So what you see on the image is a Sami Kebab Double. What it means is a homemade bread with 2kg of meat, sallad, sauce. 🙂

If you ever end up in Alingsås which is located just north of Gothenburg I recommend you to drop by Bolltorps Hörna and you wont go home hungry.. 🙂



When enjoying the Gothenburg nightlife. It is not that easy to keep up the energy. Without something to eat. A hidden secret if you are tired of McDonald, Burger King. Is to head for the tram stop “Valand” and look for a guy on a moped selling hot dogs from his mopeds. He does it first class. In a chef uniform, hat, if the weather permits he has candles on a table next to him. If you want to find a date he has a collection of dating cards. Of other people wanting to find a math. Some romance. Maybe something more. 🙂 Anything can happen after a swedish hotdog served with style.

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