Pizzeria Bolltorps Hörna in Alingsås

A Large Samis kebab at Bolltorps Hörna in Alingsås. Just north of Gothenburg.
A double “Sami Kebab” in Pita bread from Pizzeria Bolltorps Hörna in Alingsås.

A few weeks ago I was on my way up to a friend that lives just a little north of Alingsås I promised to bring something to eat. Whenever I get the chance I try to drop by a little pizzeria not that far away the shoppingcenter Bolltorp. I have been going there for a couple of years so do know the owner a little.

This day we started chatting as usual and I told him me and a friend were a little hungry. His portions is not small at all but just as a joke I asked if he could make a “Sami Kebab” from the menu a double? haha..

But he sure did.. So what you see on the image is a Sami Kebab Double. What it means is a homemade bread with 2kg of meat, sallad, sauce. 🙂

If you ever end up in Alingsås which is located just north of Gothenburg I recommend you to drop by Bolltorps Hörna and you wont go home hungry.. 🙂


A sign found outside a Swedish Kindergarden in Skara

Some signs do get your imagination started. This sign I found outside a Kindergarden in Skara.

The Sign says
It is forbidden to
walk on the roof”

It does make the imagination start spinning. Before the sign was there, did they really have kids walking up to the gate saying to their mom and dad. “May I climb the roof?. How cool… 🙂

Stay safe wherever in the world you are… /JD

Hotel & Hostel Zinkensdamm

Stockholm is packed with options with accommodations. One of those hidden jewels is Hotel & Hostel Zinkensdamm. A small cozy hotel in a park area. Surrounded with high buildings. That gives the place the feel of being a phone both in a Supwerman movie. The people staying there is from around the world. Sitting on their front porch during summer time. See the stars in the sky. A beer in your hand from a local brewery, a beautiful girl by your side.

The Hotel rooms is quite cozy. Not that big. But with ac. Tv. A good quality bed. A mini-bar for about 900SEK/pp/night it is good value for money. And the breakfast with Belgian waffles that you can make yourself is. Hmm.. Nice.. 🙂 Specially after a long night and come down to the breakfast lounge / restaurant is a sight before sore eyes. And when I stayed there. The breakfast was supervised by at least one staff. Making sure that the buffe never ran out of anything. And that is service. 🙂

Hotel & Vandrarhem Zinkensdamm | www.zinkensdamm.com


When enjoying the Gothenburg nightlife. It is not that easy to keep up the energy. Without something to eat. A hidden secret if you are tired of McDonald, Burger King. Is to head for the tram stop “Valand” and look for a guy on a moped selling hot dogs from his mopeds. He does it first class. In a chef uniform, hat, if the weather permits he has candles on a table next to him. If you want to find a date he has a collection of dating cards. Of other people wanting to find a math. Some romance. Maybe something more. 🙂 Anything can happen after a swedish hotdog served with style.

Varmkorv.nu | www.varmkorv.nu