Olearys in Stockholm

Had been at a meeting earlier this day. And on my way home to Gothenburg I ended up at Stockholm Grand cental station with a few hours to kill and a empty stomach. So I walked by there sandwich and beer placed and ended up at Olearys in Stockholm. Just with the first feeling of something quick to eat and go outside to get some sun.

But I ended up at Olearys. Just being the only person in the big lounge/dining room felt lonely. But thanks to the vaiter who had the welcoming attitude so it felt like being a guest in his home. It did not take long until my part of the dining area had a very nice buzz. So easy to speak to other guests and forget about time.

The discussions with the waiter and other guests while eating a very nice steak where about everything between heaven and earth. How women and cats makes the world go round. And the alarm systems at police stations. Is not like a burgular alarm. Since they are not designed to stop people from breaking in. They are there to keep people from breaking out.

Enjoy the sun. Humour, food and people..
What would life be without color.. :)

The old lady at Gothenburg Central station

A couple of nights ago I was walking with my dog throe Gothenburg Central station. And by the platform where the trains arrives and departs to Alingsås. I started talking to a old lady. That look at my Malte (Golden retriver). You know she said.. There is much to be said about a man by looking at his dog. I dated a guy once. He looked nice. Smelled nice. So I followed him home. But when I met his dog that he spoke so passionately about. I looked at the dogs eyes. No fire.. No wagging tail.. What could I do.. I left.. Then she gave me and Malte a wonderful smile and walked away in to the night..

Stånga Hotel in Linköping

StangaHotelStånga Hotel in Linköping was positive surprise. Finding accommodation with a good value for money is always hard. The big chains like Choice, Scandic is a sure bet. But I think the experience is like a lunch at MacDonalds. If you have visited one. You have visited them all. Anyway.. Back to the review..

First impression. Old.. Concrete house with a outside parking space that looked like something from east Berlin before they tore down the wall. But inside I was greeted with one of the kindest smile I have seen for a long time. The way to the hotel room did really give a picture that the place have been around for a few years. A lot of character around each bend. Where it was possible to see how the Hotel have grown over the years.

The room looked really nice.  It did really make me feel welcome. On the other side of the bed was a big screen tv with a mini bar. What I was missing in the room was to have found out before I checked in that they had a local beer menu so two beer from a local brewery could have been standing there waiting for me. When I opened the door.  The breakfast was nice. But  “Just warm up pancakes”.  Come on.. A personal touch would have been nice. It was not that many guests when I stayed there. So having a cook doing personal english breakfast. Omelette? A little more tlc when cleaning. Spots in the shower on the tiles, moist spots on the inner roof. But I do recommend it for anyone who wants good value for money. And yes.. When in town I would stay there again..

STF Best Hostel Skeppsbron

STF Best Hostel Skeppsbron
Stayed at STF Best Hostel Skeppsbron about a week ago. And do got some mixed feelings. When it comes to price it was unbeatable. 160SEK when booking with booking.com including bed linen and a “breakfast”. When staying at one of the larger dorms.

And the place is located right in the middle of Stockholm is excellent. The side entrance of the hostel is right next to the walkways of Gamla Stan with the unique atmosphere that the old houses provide.

But the hostel does need tlc. The dorms would need some paint. The bunk beds sounds like from something from the lord of the rings even with noone in them. There is broken power outlets aso. Some of the staff really have the feel of customer service. But the day I stayed at the hostel they all hid in the main entrance. No tv-room. It said the hostel had free wifi. And maybe it was true. Did find a few hostel routers but noone would let me in and provide me with internet. And the only way to store things securely was in the luggage room at check in. So I left the hostel with mixed feelings..

Brännbollsyran i Umeå

Where up in Stockholm a few days ago and was speaking to a friend of mine what to do up in the northern parts of Sweden.  And he said that you must visit Brännbollsyran in Umeå. (=Burn ball madness in Umeå).

It is a big student party where everyone is welcome to party and listen to really good music. And play the swedish version of Burn ball. Dont really know if there is other versions out there?

Anyway.. It is a little like baseball. With two teams where you can get points for homerun´s. But student rules also includes points for clothing. If you can flirt with the judge. Give him/her a really good massage. Have played it myself and found it was possible to get points if you play next to two other teams and any of them are about to get a homerun. You get points for running with their team as well. :)

Play hard. Have fun. Play burn ball.. :)

Tre faser

A family sitting around the dinner table and the son asks if he can ask a question.
The father responds. ” Yes, of course , ask away. ”

The young man asks his father , “Dad, how many kinds of breasts are there? ”
The father, surprised, answers, “Well , son, there are three kinds of breasts. At 20 years of age a woman’s breasts are like melons, round and firm . Around 30-40 years of age are like pears , still nice but a little saggy . After fifty , they are like onions . ”
“Onions ? ”
“Yes , when you see them , they make you cry ”

This infuriated the wife and daughter to see red , so the daughter asks . ” Can I ask you a personal question? Mum, how many kinds of penises are there? ”

The mother , surprised , smiles, and looks at her husband and answers. “Well, my daughter, a man goes through three phases. 20s is a man’s penis as an oak, mighty and hard . Around 30-40 years of age is the penis like a birch, flexible but reliable . After his fifties as a Christmas tree. ”
” Christmas ? ”
Yes, dead from the roots and balls are there for decoration only .
En familj sitter runt middagsbordet och sonen frågar om han kan ställa en fråga.
Pappan svarar. “Ja visst, fråga på bara.”

Den unga mannen frågar sin pappa, “Pappa, hur många olika typer av bröst finns det?”
Pappan blir lite förvånad, men svarar: “Jo min son, det finns tre sorters bröst. I 20-års åldern har kvinnan bröst som är som meloner, runda och fasta. Runt 30 – 40 årsåldern är brösten som päron, fortfarande fina men lite hängiga. Efter femtio, blir brösten som lökar.”
“Ja när du ser dem, får de dig att börja gråta”

Detta utlägg fick både modern och dottern att se rött, så dottern frågar. “Kan jag ställa en personlig fråga? Mamma, hur många typer av penisar finns det?”

Mamman blir lite förvånad, men ler, tittar på sin man och svarar. “Jo min dotter, en man går igenom tre faser. I 20-års åldern är en mans penis som en ek, ståtlig och hård. Runt 30 – 40 årsåldern är penisen som en björk, flexibel men pålitlig. Efter femtio blir penisen som en julgran.”
Ja, död från roten och kulorna hänger där bara som dekoration.
/Ville bara tacka tidningen Elektrikern för inspirationen : ).

Ken Ring ft Million Stylez – The soul of a friend

Ken ring is a Swedish artist who writes songs that usually involves how hard it is to stay alive and find the energy to survive every day. This is a song about his brother who passed away. How he misses him and about the memories of days who has went by. To fast…


Hur skulle det kunna låta om alla stora företag saluförde samma produkt?

FELIX kondomer Gör det goda godare
FROSTIES kondomer De väcker tigern i dig
GEVALIA kondomer När du får oväntat besök
CARLSHAMNS kondomer Gott, gotti, gott gott
McDONALDS kondomer Livet har sina goda stunder
LIBERO kondomer Det känns tryggt
LÄTTA kondomer Om du har bestämt dig
VICKS kondomer Extra starka, extra friska
PEDIGREE  PAL  kondomer Rekommenderad av ledande uppfödare, köttiga bitar rakt igenom
GINSANA kondomer Orka mer
GB-GLASS kondomer Jag och min magnum
AHLGRENS-BILAR kondomer Det enda sättet att stoppa dom är i munnen
PRINGLES kondomer Once you pop, you can’t stop
BLÅBAND kondomer Smaskens till sista slicken
WHISKAS kondomer Om kissen själv får välja

Blivande präster

Tolv blivande präster hade läst i många år för att bli präster och stod nu inför det slutliga provet.

Spritt språngande näck, stod de där i klosterträdgården, fint uppradade på ett led.

Framför dem dansade en enormt sexig, storbystad, ung nakenmodell iförd minimalt med kläder. Varje präst hade en liten klocka fäst med en gummisnodd runt sin penis och provet bestod av att den nakna modellen skulle dansa framför varje präst och den vars klocka hördes, hade då sumpat sin chans genom att inte vara tillräckligt fria från syndiga tankar.

Den läskigt läckra modellen började dansa framför den första kandidaten och inte ett ljud hördes. Hon fortsatte vidare till nästa och inget ljud hördes där heller. Hon fullföljde dansen hela ledet ner till sista men ingen reaktion från någon. När hon började dansa inför den siste i ledet så hördes först en liten ringning som sedan bara växte och växte tills hela klockan ringande och plingande föll till marken. Den fruktansvärt generade prästkandidaten tog några skyndsamma steg framåt och böjde sig framåt för att plocka upp klockan. Då började de elva andras klockor att ringa.

————— Google Translation —————
Twelve aspiring priests had read in many years to become priests, and now faced the ultimate test.

Stark raving nude , they stood there in the convent garden , nicely lined up on a stage.In front of them danced a hugely sexy, busty , young nude model wearing minimal clothing. Each priest had a small bell attached with a rubber band around his penis and the sample consisted of the naked model would dance in front of every priest and the bell was heard , then had sumpat his chance by not being sufficiently free from sinful thoughts.

The scary delicious model danced before the first candidate and not a sound was heard. She continued on to the next and no sound was heard there either. She completed the whole dance stage down to the last but no reaction from anyone. When she began to dance before the last in the line so first heard a small neck and then just grew and grew until the bell ringing and tinkling fell to the ground . The horribly embarrassed priest candidate took a few hasty steps forward and leaned forward to pick up the watch. Then began the eleven other bells to ring.

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